Feminists, Leave Those Kids Alone!

Thesis Statement: Feminism is cute–cute in a my 5-year-old just painted a really bad picture by adult standards, but you are proud of the child for making artistic progress. Throughout the last 100 years, women have been given lots of accommodations.  They’ve been given the right to abortions, etc…  What more can they possibly want?!  Do they want men to carry around gestating babies in giant glass containers?
Father Carrying Baby in Water Tank

These feminists have made little girls into complicated women so complicated, I cannot even talk to a woman without offending her.  I don’t know what to do.  I would’ve been better off born into a different century where I could just marry a nice gal and settle down.  She would make the babies and tend to our home.  I would go out and work in my dream job of politics.

Realistically, I will probably have to end up adopting a child to ever own one.  But I would make sure to teach him or her my way of thinking.  Feminists are a lot like the greedy corporations around today.  They want one thing; then if you give them that, they want something else.  When will it end?  That is my final thought.

Robert Diaz
Mr. Diaz currently lives at 2020 N Bissell St. in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL.


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