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My Husband Is Suddenly Seeming Happy; He Must Be Having an Affair

Dear readers,

Please give me advice on this horrible situation that I am in.  Facing infidelity in a marriage is one of the biggest challenges anyone will ever face.  Is divorce the answer?  If not, can the adulterer ever be forgiven for his betrayal?  Has the adulterer done this before?  Will he do it again?  

My husband and I are parents for three wonderful children.  Two girls and one boy.  The past three years my husband and I have been absolutely miserable.  But yesterday, when my husband came home from work, my husband had an inexplicable exuberance shining about everything he did.  He was no longer just floating through the daily routine when he was playing with our kids.  He smiled at me often.  He helped clean the dishes and do other chores without even me asking him to do so.  And then the final straw came: at bedtime he tried to have sex with me.

“What are you doing?!” I proclaimed.  “Stop that.”  The nerve he had to try to actually go in the same bed as me.  What on earth was he thinking?

Then it dawned on me.  He’s screwing some broad.  This has given him a sexual energy, which in turn has given him some sort of new hope for life.  The dopamine has produced all sorts of new serotonin in him, changing him completely.  This was not the man I’ve watched deteriorate over the last three years of our marriage.

How do I confront him about his affair?  Or should I just pack up and leave one of these days with our three kids taking them to my parent’s?