Gender Inequalities

Often, women talk about how men have it better than them.  Men get more money on average for not necessarily doing better work, but because women have the capability to house babies inside of them.  It’s very unfair in my opinion.  But there are other ways that men are treated unfairly compared to women.

For instance, I desire to join a sorority house as I am in college, but the head sisters tell me “No! You can’t join, because you are a man. This is a woman’s only club.”  What right do they have to exclude from such a club?  If I was black and a woman, this would be racism.  But BECAUSE I’M A MAN, I say it’s downright sexism.

Back in high school, I wanted to play for the women’s basketball team.  But the coaches told me that I could not.  My parents and I were very upset.  We took legal action against the school.  So, eventually they let me on the team.  I dominated in practice and during games.  The women didn’t stand a chance against me.  I was naturally faster, stronger, and taller than all of them.  Plus, I was a pretty darn good shooter.

So, right now I’m preparing to take legal action against this sorority whom I won’t name in this article for privacy reasons.

Another aspect of society that has always bothered is that I can’t use the “Women’s Bathroom”.  Why is this?  I share a bathroom with my mother and sister at my house.  We never go at the same time, but still there are lots of stalls in public bathrooms.  As a little boy, my mother would bring me into the ladies room.  Ooh, but now that I’m a grown man, it’s suddenly a different story.  What’s the difference if I watch porn on my cell phone in the ladies’ room versus the men’s room?  I’m still in a stall.  Strangers are still hearing it.  What’s the difference if those strangers are women or men?  I’ll never see them again.  I’d just walk out of the stall and as I wash my hands and tidy up be like, “Hey, what’s up? How’s your day going?”

Also, when I’m on a double date with my guy friend, I’ll no longer feel secluded when my girlfriend and his girlfriend go to the bathroom together.  “We’re going to hit the ladies’ room,” they will say.  “Oh, I’ll come to,” I will reply.  And then I will just go into to the women’s bathroom with them.  And if the stalls are busy, I will say, “Oh, it looks like the stalls are kind of busy.  I will go use the men’s room and be right back.  Just wait up for me.”

Or if all three of the stalls are open, we can all just urinate at the same time.  And then I can look over to my girlfriend and make sure she is okay.  “You okay there, honey?” I will ask.  I’m sure she would say, “Yep. Thanks for asking, honey.”  Or maybe I would be like, “So, that’s how women go pee in public restrooms,” even though I already know how they do, you know.  It would just make for a great conversation starter.

Then we could carry on this conversation back to the dinner table and it would be a lot of fun.  My friend might ask, “How was the trip to the loo?”  And then I’d say, “Very productive.”

Back on point, now.  Sorry about that whole tangent I just went on.

Sorority, you’re going down!



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