Cyber Bullying

Hi Everyone,

My name is Bethany Michaels.  I am your typical teenage girl in high school.  I am also the target of harassment daily from popular girls in my class in the form of cyber bullying.  They tease about the way I look saying:

1.”You’re uglier than my grandfather if his skin were peeled off,” – Karla S.

2. “Bet your mom wanted to exchange you for a different baby as soon as you came out of her…She screamed a desperate cry ‘NO!!!! Why?!!!! This wasn’t supposed to be like this.  That nose…the horrible nose…does she have the mouth of a hooker?’ ” Jane R.

3. “Hey, if I was a man, I’d murder you to make sure that no one else could ever reproduce with you as to do a great service to the world.  It would be the one time that murdering someone would be okay other than if they were trying to kill you or other people.” -Sara T.

4. “I wouldn’t mind just chopping off your head as a trophy of some sort.” -Jenny B.

5. “Did you know that in ancient Greece, the saying was, ‘If a woman is ugly, cut out her eyes’?” – Angela O.

6. “You are like the spawn of Satan and one of those girls from those renaissance paintings.” -Valerie E.

7. “I saw you eating today.  It was disgusting.  A sandwich filled with deli meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mayonnaise, along with a Dannon yogurt, and a bottled yogurt.  Why don’t you just go kill yourself?” -Rachel W.

8. “Hey, there is a party that we’d all like to invite you to so we can strip you naked and display you in front of everyone at the party in a glass case that will slowly fill with water and drown you.” Sun V.

9. “Keep coming to school.  We’re counting on it.  Because we know one day you’re going to snap and become a mass murderer.” -Eve C.

10. “I want you to lay down on your bed and contemplate what you are doing with your life.  And then hopefully you’ll come to the realization that you are nothing but a waste of matter in this universe and you should explore space for the rest of your life to find a black hole to stick your self in so you this mistake of your existence can be remedied.” -Virgina M.

Those are just some of the things these women from school say to me.  But the thing is…I kind of like it…or I should I LOVE it.  It really turns me on.  I get off on these comments.  Like the more they say these mean things that would upset any other person, I can’t help but just pleasure myself.  I will re-read the mean comments that people say to me to pleasure myself.  But sometimes it’s like, DAMN IT, can’t there be a new one already.  Then that new one arrives, and oh, I just finally climax. 



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