I Have Five Minutes…

Until my mom comes downstairs to masturbate.  She is currently cleaning the upstairs bathroom.  I have to do this quick.  I’m pretty sure it will take five minutes for her to come down the family room.  This will be a challenger for me because normally it takes me 60 minutes.  So, this will be a great test.  I need to start right away.  Time to go to the bathroom to get some moisturizer.  Got it.  Forgot my condoms.  I always use two.  I need to run upstairs real quick and crack open my piggy bank to get some.  Back.  Alright, I’m down to a minute now.  I can still do this!  Now to find the appropriate porn video.  Black girls?  Okay.  Ugly girl.  Ugly girl.  Ugly girl.  Ugly girl.  Top picks today? Okay.  That girl looks cute.  Watching it now.  Now that she has her top off, I think I’ll try some other video.

I can hear my mom coming down the stairs now.  I got ten seconds to do this.  Strapping on my condoms.  Slapping on my moisturizer.  THREE SECONDS!

My mom sees me.  Things will never be the same between us again.  I’ve been banned from the family room.


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