Help Me!

For a long time, I’ve suffered from depression.  I’ve been in and out of hospitals.  Tried committing suicide.  I’ve already tried gender reassignment surgery to fix my problems but it didn’t help.  Then I had a surgeon cut off my legs thinking that was the problem, but that didn’t help either.  Now I have a robotic legs.  But the other day I swear I finally figured it out.  When I was rearranging my room, I discovered it.  I was born the wrong race.  

I need your help to transform me from a white woman turned white man into a black man.  The cost will be a lot.  Using pills to dye my skin black throughout the rest of my life will be all that is required.  But first we need to do research to develop these pills.  Please if you know any millionaires, send them to this post.  Let them know the pain I’ve suffered in coming to this epiphany.  

I want to be able to walk through the streets of the ghetto and not be looked at as an outsider.  I want to be a leader among those who always wanted to be a different race, whether it is Asian, Hispanic, White, Black, Native American, or Indian.  


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