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Female Awakening


Men: Creators of our English Language, Latin, Greek, Spanish, etcetera.  There was no input from a woman when creating the word ‘the’ or ‘a’ as grammatical articles.  It was they who decided that their ding-a-ling would be called a penis and my hoo-ha a vagina.  

Like all women, I detest the word vagina.  These three syllables make an uncommon reaction of just ‘yuck’ in me.   How would men like it if their penises were called vaginas?  Would they be fine with that?  I doubt they would.  I personally love the sound of the word penis.  It gets me going—going good.   I wish I could tell men I have a penis too and reasons why I do, but they would just not want to sleep with me.  I would sound ‘crazy like a woman’ to them.  God Damn Them All to Hell.  (Except for their penises. LOL.)

So, what I am really grabbing at here is maybe we should make a new word for our hoo-ha’s and lady parts.  Women are the ones should decide these things. 

I’d say let’s look at some choices for the hoo-ha itself.  

Shoot…I think I just broke a nail typing.  Ouch!  Tears are flowing down my face.  What the hell?  I just painted them all a nice bright red to get men to notice them.  There have been studies you know that say wearing red makes men ‘stick out’ ultra-tangy like a horse, but still a man—a stallion.  

That whole last paragraph was just a ploy boys to make you think that I am just some flimsy bimbo like you men all think women to be.  But I am not!  I am not!

Anyways, let’s look at the choices now.

a) The letter ‘o’ capitalized: O—pronounced ‘ooho’.  (No, it’s not pronounced Ooh-hoe but ooh-o.)

b) My Low-nerve area.

c) My Canal

d) My Cunt…I know.  It’s the worst word in the world right.  But the gays took the word gay and made it their own.  But I think maybe this could work.  NOT.  DAMN MEN.  How dare you ever call any woman that horrible word.

e) My Dick Hole.

f) My Penis Snatcher

g) My ‘Moist on a Dime’

That’s all I can think of you damn men and women!  Yeah, I hate you too women, because you are my competition for men.  Stupid bitches